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Gift Ideas Creative Person

You know that someone that ALWAYS seems to buy the most thoughtful and creative gifts, year after year? Chances are, they are just that, creative.

Today I’m sharing the top gift ideas for creative people in your life, coming from someone who would consider herself an expert 😉

*Also, hint hint to any family or friends reading this… ;-)*

Essential Oils & Diffusers

Gifts for Creative Person Essential Oils

Creative people need to get in the zone, and nothing sets the tone like a tidy space and diffusing some essential oils. My favorite company for all things essential oil (bonus if you’re from Vancouver) is Vitruvi. Not only do I love shopping local, but I really believe in the products they have.

I use the Focus Blend – 100% Natural Essential Oil Face & Body Mist everyday before I start writing (the roller is great too). They have an incredible variety of scents to choose from. My favorites are grapefruit, eucalyptus, Lemongrass and spruce for Christmas time.


Meditation Pillow or Subscription to Headspace

Gifts for Creative Person Meditation Pillow

Ommmm. After reading countless books written by creatives and successful entrepreneurs, it’s evident that meditation plays an integral part in the success of many. I have recently been practicing meditation and it is a wonderful way to get clarity, start your day with success, and prepare yourself for the inevitable surprises that may come your way. The app Headspace is a great choice for beginners looking to start meditating, and a year subscription with a meditation pillow would be a great gift!

Journals & Stationary

Gifts for Creative People Journals and Stationary

I have about 10 journals on the go right now. I use them for morning pages, jotting down notes, collecting quotes and ideas from the books I’m reading, and to use during online courses I’m taking. As with many creatives, you can never have enough journals, and I absolutely love when I get them as gifts because that usually means the gift is coming from someone that truly knows me. If you’re in Canada, Chapters and Indigo have a great selection of journals, diaries, and calendars. When in doubt looking for gift ideas for creative people, go with stationary!

A Spa Day

Gifts for Creative People Massages

Who doesn’t love a spa day? My boyfriend said he “hates” massages, and I almost kicked him out of the house convinced he was an alien or demogorgon. Who HATES massages? Jury is still out on his sanity. Creative people often have WAY too many thoughts in their heads. Relaxing and recharging is the perfect way to combat this. If you’re in my neck of the woods, my favorite spas in Vancouver are the Pan Pacific Spa Utopia and WillowStream Spa at the Pacific Rim.

A Creative Experience

Gifts Ideas for Creative People Calligraphy Tutorial

Calligraphy, paint night, language learning, photography session, a cooking class. There are so many ideas to choose from, and this could be a way to give them an experience you can do together versus something tangible. Gifting someone a lifelong skill and spending time with them wrapped into one gift? Sounds pretty great. If you’re in Vancouver, a great Calligraphy workshop is by Fox and Flourish, or you could buy a class at The Dirty Apron for a night of cooking and wine!

Books and/or a Reader:

5 Must-Read Books Before Quitting Your Job

CEO’s read an average of 60 books per year. Creatives are often thirsty for knowledge and constantly looking for new ideas. If they don’t already have one, the Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High-Res Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi would be a great gift idea for creative people in your life! You could also throw in an iTunes gift card to buy a few books in iBooks (if you’re on a budget or buying a small gift, the gift card alone would be perfect!). If they love the idea of reading an actual book, see this post on my favorite books for creatives. 

I hope this gave you some gift ideas for creative people in your life! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these recommendations and don’t miss my gift ideas for photographers!

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