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The last few years have seen an incredible shift in consumer habits, as more and more individuals are seeking information about the products they are buying and their environmental impact. According to a recent study by Nielsen, 66% of global consumers say they’re willing to pay more for sustainable brands—Up 55% from 2014. 73% of global millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings—Up From 50% in 2014.

Here are a few of my favourite environmentally friendly products that make great gifts for all the important people in your life! A win-win for you, your loved ones and the planet.

Stainless Steel Straws

You’ve seen the headlines. Everyone is banning plastic straws and trying their best to #savetheturtles. While there is so much more to be done, this is a great place to start! Climb aboard this movement and purchase these great stocking stuffers!

To-Go Insulated Wine Glass

These insulated wine glasses, coupled with an organic or biodynamic wine would make an amazing gift for a host, teacher, or loved one!

Swell Bottle

Swell bottles have taken the reusable water bottle world by storm. You are sure to see these trendy bottles dotted alongside Lululemon yoga mats at your local studio, and for good reason. They keep water cold for 24 hours! The bottles are easy to grab on the go, and there are so many amazing designs to choose from!

Pink Swell Bottle

(Photo source: Swell on Amazon)

Reusable Produce Bags

This starter pack is so perfect for anyone wanting to reduce their plastic consumption. Everything your friends or family need to start shopping more sustainably at the grocery store!

Reusable Tote

How CUTE are these reusable totes? I know I’m biased, but I love the “Don’t Kale my Vibe” one. Perfect for produce shopping at the local market!

dont kale my vibe tote

(Photo: Cotton and Canvas Co)

Jars for Bulk Foods

Who doesn’t love a good mason jar? Buy this box of 12 and head to your local bulk food store and fill them with goodies! Such a cute, thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Everlane ReNEW line

Everlane recently took a stand and introduced their new ReNEW line; clothing made from recycled plastic bottles. I discovered this company through Elana Loo, an amazing photographer, writer and advocate for sustainability. The company has committed to having “no new plastic in their ENTIRE supply chain by 2021”. Support this cause by gifting your special someone a piece of clothing from Everlane’s ReNEW line. Like this beautiful crewneck below. Cue the heart eye emoji.

Everlane Renew Collection Sweater

(Photo: Everlane)

Gift an Outdoor Experience

I love receiving and gifting experiences over products, especially when it’s an activity you can do together. Head out on a hike, camping trip, or gift an outdoor spa experience!

Chopsticks, Reusable Organic Cotton Napkins and Soy Sauce Dish for Sushi Night

Create your own little sushi starter pack with these chopsticks, napkins, and soy sauce dishes. Take out can wreak havoc on the environment. Between all the plastic sauce packets, dishes, plastic containers and plastic bags they come in, it’s hard to remain eco-friendly when ordering in. These environmentally friendly products will allow your loved ones to tell restaurants to skip the plastic.

Anthropologie Prepd Pack

This sustainable on-the-go lunch kit includes three removable containers and magnetic chopsticks  in an all-natural bamboo case. Such a cute gift for the busy worker bee that also values sustainability!

Nala Care Free From Deodorant

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know my love for Nala Care Free-From deodorants. These deodorants are aluminum, phthalate, paraben, petroleum, carcinogen, and cruelty free!!

Nala Care Natural Deodorant

(Photo: Nala Care)

Leze the Label Clothing made from recycled coffee and plastic bottles

How cool is this concept? Not only does Leze the Label provide you with work clothes that feel like pajamas, they are also helping the environment, one pair of pants at a time!

Unwrapped Life Shampoo and Conditioner

I recently came across this company after a few bloggers posted about their container-free shampoo and conditioners. They are against excess packaging waste. Plastic free hair care? Sign me up! These environmentally friendly products would make great stocking stuffers or secret santa gifts!

Unwrapped Life Shampoo Conditioner

(Photo: Unwrapped Life)


Adopt a piece of coral in someones name

The oceans are dying. If they die, we die too. Take action and plant a piece of coral in someone’s name to help preserve our oceans. Find out more here.

Donate to a Charity

For a list of some of the best Environmental Charities, check out this post.

Eco-Friendly Clothing Companies

For the fashion lovers in your life, here are some other ethical brands that focus on curating environmentally friendly products without compromising style:

I hope this inspires you to gift environmentally friendly products this holiday season! If you do, I also encourage you to find creative ways to wrap your gifts! Use recycled paper, newspaper that you doodle on, or purchase a reusable shopping bag to put all your gifts in. Happy Holidays! xx

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