Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews by-the-sea
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The Algonguin Resort Wedding
Staying at the Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews by-the-sea

Pulling up to the Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews-by-the-sea, I stare in awe as my eyes take in one of the most beautiful hotel structures I’ve ever seen. Not only does it feel like we have been transported to another continent entirely,  but it’s as if we have time traveled to the early 1900’s… all without having to go through customs!!

I’m suddenly embarrassed I forgot to pack my corset and bonnet. Hate when that happens.

First built in 1889, the Algonquin Resort has lived a very interesting and storied life. It withstood a devastating fire in 1914 that destroyed much of it’s structure, lived through both world wars, and has welcomed iconic guests from royalty to rockstars, some of whom are said to have never left.

Yes, one of Algonquin Resort’s most distinguishing features that has garnered worldwide attention came as news to me as we checked in for our three night stay..

The hotel is haunted.

Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews by-the-sea

Perfect. Great. Wonderful. The girl that can’t watch a horror movie with both eyes open is going to be sleeping amongst not one, but MULTIPLE ghosts. I felt like Joey from Friends (YOU KNOW I’M AFRAID OF LITTLE GIRL GHOSTS!!!) We delved deeper into these resident hotel dwellers to know exactly who we might be wandering the halls with and here is what we found out: 

  1. The first ghost is a bellhop that happily assists guests with their luggage (the casper of the bunch), only to disappear when guests turn away from him.
  2. The second, a maid that spends her nights busily organizing table settings (can she come to my apartment and do that while I sleep?? actually scratch that, no ghosts please).
  3. The third, a watchman that roams the halls of the Algonquin Resort, keys in hand. Many guests have reported hearing the jingle of these keys in the dead (pun intended) of night.
  4. And finally, perhaps the most famous ghost of the bunch is that of a jilted bride who was reportedly left at the alter by her husband-to-be right there in the Algonquin Resort. We were visiting for a wedding, so this seemed to be a fitting storyline for the weekend, much to the bride’s dismay.

If you visit the Algonquin Resort, head up to room 473 and you might just hear the heartbroken sobs of the forgotten fiancé. I opted to steer clear.

The Resort

It’s not hard to see why these silhouetted spirits decided to set up shop and stay awhile. To the left of the front desk, I explore a long grandiose hallway complete with leather chairs, fireplaces, a piano, and guests sipping cocktails while playing various board games provided by the Algonquin Resort. Jenga and a negroni? Sign us up. 

Rocking Chairs on Porch Algonquin Resort

Looking past I see what becomes my favorite part of the hotel, a wrap around porch complete with rocking chairs and a view of the lawn complete with fire pits for guests to use. I almost forget to bring my bag to the room before snagging a rocking chair and ordering a crisp old fashioned while watching the sky turn pink. 


Bed at Algonquin Resort


The rooms at the Algonquin Resort are spacious and clean, with high ceilings and big bay windows. The bathrooms are bright and feature great lighting (every girl’s dream) and are complete with Aveda products to sweeten the deal.

That rosemary mint body wash though.. heaven

Aveda Product Algonquin Resort

Oh and the pillows! I feel like the pillows need their own paragraph because they are amazing. Seriously, I wanted to leave all my clothes behind and just stuff my suitcase with the pillows. Well done, Marriott, well done.


As the weekend rolls on, we explore everything this iconic resort has to offer. Taking full advantage of the East Coast delicacies, we head to Braxton’s to order our first round of mussels of the trip.  The bowl arrives and the aroma of curry coconut broth sends a shock to my tastebuds as I lunge for the plate before the waitress even sets it down on the table. 

Mussels at Braxtons Algonquin Resort

If you visit the Algonquin Resort, do not leave without having the mussels. Wash them down with the famous Minister’s Island Ice Tea or one of their killer ginger mojitos.



Why have one pool when you can have two? Housing both an indoor and outdoor pool, there are multiple opportunities to lay out and get some sun, take the kiddos down the waterslide, or soak your muscles after 18 holes at the iconic Algonquin golf course. Speaking of…

The Algonquin Resort Golf Course

Two people walking Algonquin Golf CourseSource: Algonquin Resort

Currently going through a multi-million dollar renovation, the 18-hole golf course set on the sea will make you think you took a golf cart to St. Andrews, Scotland versus St.Andrews by-the-sea, New Brunswick. The redesign plans to do the location justice, and rework the famous shoreline tee boxes, bunkers and greens to make the most of the scenery at every turn.

It is this scenery that has made the golf course one of the top places to play in the entire country. Already holding the titles for TWO of the top ten tees in Canada, guests should expect incredible things ahead for the course. I might need to work on my slice before teeing off on the waters of St.Andrews-by-the-sea or I’ll be feeding quite a few fish with white riveted souvenirs.


Aveda Products Algonquin Resort

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to hit the spa! For the wedding, the girls and I headed to the spa to get our hair done, and the staff were professional, easy-going and very accommodating. Complete with Aveda products, I wanted to stay all day and reap the benefits of an Aveda facial and deep-tissue massage. Alas, bridesmaid duties called!

Wedding Bells

Algonquin Resort Wedding Woman walking down aisle with fatherSource: Sean Mcgrath

Looking to plan a wedding on the East Coast? I would highly recommend adding the Algonquin Resort to your list of venue options! It’s great for housing your guests, and the perfect place to host your ceremony and wedding.

A few blocks down the road is the spectacular Kingsbrae gardens. The ceremony opportunities are endless here! With big oak trees, rose bushes, colourful floral and fauna, it’s a Pinterest wedding paradise.

The ballrooms of the Algonquin Resort are perfect for dancing, drinking, and dining. There are plenty of opportunities to tailor the decoration to suit your style as well. Stay tuned for my post on hosting a wedding in St.Andrews-by-the-sea for more information!

Things To Do Nearby

Girl standing on the Shore of St.Andrews by-the-sea

  • Katy’s Cove – lay out on sand that has been imported all the way from Italy!
  • Explore the town of St. Andrews-by-the-sea
  • Whale watching
  • Bike and Kayak Tours
  • Minister’s Island
  • Kinsgbrae Gardens
  • Golf at the Algonquin Golf Course

Surrounded by sea in every direction, our stay made one thing very clear. This is an east coast paradise! If I lived on this side on the continent, I would be visiting St. Andrews by-the-sea every summer! 

If you’re planning a trip, I highly recommend checking out the Algonquin Resort. Who knows, you might just meet a few friendly faces during your stay! Just make sure they aren’t carrying keys. Or wearing an old-school bellhop outfit. Or a vintage wedding dress with mascara running down their face… hehe. Enjoy your stay!

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