25 Photos to Inspire You to Attend Modernism Week in Palm Springs

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modernism week photos palm springsCul De Sac Fall Preview Modernism Week Pictures Cul De Sac Experience Modernism week Fall Preview Modernism Week Photos Modernism Week Palm Springs

Modernism Week in Palm Springs is as close as you’ll get to experiencing the vibrant energy of the 1950’s and 1960’s, a youthful era housing a social revolution, civil rights movements, anti-war protests, and a rising hope and promise in the air for a brighter future.

These decades saw extreme changes in pop culture, fashion, music, and architecture. More specifically, it led to the birth of midcentury modern design. This era is celebrated annually during both Modernism Week in February and Modernism Week Fall Preview in October.

As you tour the Palm Springs homes during Modernism Week, you can’t help but hum Frank Sinatra as you marvel the work of legends like William Kirsel and Albert Frey.

Cul-De-Sac Experience

I attended the cul-de-sac experience at this years Modernism Week Fall Preview. We toured William Krisel designed homes in the stunning Canyon View estates. What I loved about this event is that you are welcomed by the owners of the homes themselves! It was amazing to see the pride on their faces as they discussed the original flooring, appliances, and history of their desert abodes.

As I stood on the corner, I visualized a huddle of well-dressed men and women clinking their vodka martini’s twisted with California lemons, a saxophone infused beat drumming through Quad ESL-57 speakers, and the smell of hairspray and palmade wafting through the desert winds.

What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at a Palm Springs house party in the 60’s.

With vintage cars strategically parked in the driveways, polka-dotted umbrellas swung over the shoulders of patrons and jazz filling the air, you’re truly transported back in time. This is just one of the 350 (!) events that take place over the 10 day Modernism Week showcase in sunny Palm Springs. Other events include double decker architectural bus tours, signature home tours, bike and walking tours, evening parties and more.

Scroll through these photos to see for yourself. Time to start planning your trip down in Palm Springs for Modernism Week in February!

Mid Century Home Decor

Mid Century Home Decor

Palm Springs Modernism Week Fall Preview

Mid Century Mod DecorModernism Week Cul De Sac Tour

Painter StudioModernism Week Cul De Sac Tour Mid Century Architecture Palm Springs

Cul De Sac Tour Palm SpringsPalm Springs Modernism Week

Palm Springs Home DecorPalm Springs Modernism Week Fall Preview Palm Springs Modernism Week Fall Preview  Mid Century Architecture Palm Springs Palm Springs Mid Century Homes  Palm Springs Modernism Week Fall Preview Palm Springs Modernism Week Palm Springs Modernism Week Fall Preview Modernism Week Cul De Sac Tour
Modernism Week Cul De Sac Tour Palm Springs Modernism Week

As you can see, Modernism Week gives visitors the opportunity to turn their imaginations into reality. It is one of my favourite things to do in Palm Springs. Step back in time to a place where bouffants, bellbottoms, and boozy martinis were the recipe for the ideal Friday night. Who am I kidding, that would be my current ideal Friday night…


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