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Restaurants in Santa Teresa

Best Restaurants in Santa TeresaYou had me at casado and ceviche. When it comes to the best restaurants in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, fresh fish and fragrant flavours are fruitful (say that five times fast…)

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m on holiday in a beach town, I can’t stop eating. Days are spent floating around from beach chair to beach chair deciding what to eat next and what cocktail to wash it down with. 

I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was on this little peninsula. Here is a comprehensive list of the best restaurants in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Get your tastebuds ready!

Koji’s – A MUST!

Good for dinner

Okay I have to list this first, not only because everyone will tell you to go here, but it’s also where I locked eyes with Tom Brady (albeit with a gapping mouth and wide eyes). This restaurant will be forever engrained into my memory. My fellow travellers were gawking at Gisele and the kiddos while I soaked up the greatness that is Tom Brady and refrained from asking if he wanted go to deflate some beach balls together while eating spinach straight out of the container with our hands.

Okay, back to Koji’s. I’m from Vancouver, BC where the sushi is king, and this was some of the best sushi I’ve ever had.

Favourite items on the menu: sesame tuna, the Koji roll, any rolls with the word “jalapeño” in the title, grilled prawns and the garden salad were all fantastic. The restaurant is set in a beautiful garden up a bit of a hill with hanging string lights. Who doesn’t appreciate a good string light?

Get some warm sake and listen to the amazing live music! Make a reservation a few days prior, even more for large groups if possible as this is often regarded as the best restaurant in Santa Teresa.


Good for smoothies and lunch near the beach

This restaurant is located in the Hotel Tropico Latino, which is where we stayed for a few nights. I would highly recommend going to one of the yoga classes here and then stopping for a fresh juice or smoothie after class. The lunches are packed with delicious fresh nutrients like the super food salad or protein bowl. Order a jalepeño margarita and prepare to drink it waaay too fast.

Product C Fish Company

Good for lunch, dinner on Friday nights or weekend brunch

Located on the lefthand side as soon as you get to Mal Pais, tucked in a shopping village complete with a tattoo parlour and real estate companies is Product C, an amazing outdoor garden serving up fresh fish dishes caught locally.

Ask for a tequila based drink of the staff’s choosing and they’ll get ya good and buzzed off one drink served up in a mason jar.  Everything tastes better out of a mason jar, right?

Note: Product C is only open for dinner on Friday evenings, so make sure you check it out then if you can. Chances are there will be live music and you can chill out over candlelight listening to some good tunes. The Surfer bowl is a hit, but everything is good and fresh. Ask for their recommendations and wear bug spray!!

The Bakery

Good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, working remotely

Big menu, fresh juices and smoothies, avocado toast and open faced sandwiches, fluffy pancakes, all you can eat pizza on Monday nights (dreams really do come true!)… this place has it all!

Sit inside on a hot day and drink all the coffee, or relax outside in the courtyard. If you need to get any work done on your travels, this is a great place to stop in. Super fast wifi and a hot spot for other digital nomads.

There is no liquor licence here but they are open for dinner if you want to sit outside and have a healthy meal. We came here three times on our trip and I don’t usually like going to the same place twice. THAT good!

Habeneros for Sunset

I’ll admit, I’ve had better mexican food, but this is a great beach bar setting with killer sunset views. Grab a margarita, share some plates and watch the sun go down, reflecting on how lucky you are to be where you are!!

Other favorites include:

  • Pronto Italian Street Food – Casual and delicious italian
  • Restaurante Tapas El rey Patricio – Romantic dining, on the fancier side
  • Katana – Another good japanese spot, but still not as good as Koji!
  • Al Chile Viola –  Romantic Italian spot! 
  • Taco Corner – Tacos. Need I say more?
  • Olam Pure Food – When you’re craving something healthy and delicious. Great for lunch
  • Zula Restaurant – Falafel, mezze plates, pita bread and hummus. The works. Big portions, cool vibe outside. Attached to a hostel so a great place to meet other travellers. 
  • Burger Rancho – A favourite for a casual meal!
  • Cafe Social – Fantastic for breakfast and brunch
  • The Green Store or supermarkets for food to cook yourself. Save time on day trips by packing easy sandwiches or snacks. Stopping for food in Costa Rica can take awhile. They work on pura vida time.

Well, now I’m hungry. And staring off into the distance thinking about Tom Brady’s hair.. Now that you know where the best restaurants in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica are hiding, keep exploring below:

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