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Did somebody say shopping?? Visiting the Newbury Street stores in Boston can turn into a full day affair if you’re not careful. With 8 city blocks lined with amazing boutique shops, delicious restaurants and salons, it’s easy to spend the day cruising in and out of the brick laden stores. Whenever I visit a new city, I love shopping at stores I don’t have access to normally, be it at home or online. Living in Canada, duty and taxes can deter me from online shopping, so taking advantage of cute boutique shops when I’m away is ideal, and it’s a nice way to take a piece of the place home.

Read on for my favorite Newbury Street stores! Most of them are cute boutique shops native to Boston or other areas in the US.

No Rest for Bridget

No Rest for Bridget Boston Store

This store has always been exclusively in California, originating in Newport Beach. Newbury Street is the ONLY location outside of California lucky enough to house this cute boutique. I loved this store and found most of their clothing to be very on trend and reasonably priced! I bought a great jumpsuit there that is so lightweight and comfortable, and has been complimented every time I’ve worn it! Available online!

LIT Boutique

This was one of my favorite stores on Newbury Street for it’s unique take on modern styles. I loved how all the pieces I found were unlike anything I’d seen on Pinterest, yet still followed the latest trends. I found a romper I wore that evening for a night out with heels, and I plan on wearing it again this weekend wine tasting. They have some great accessories, staple pieces and a few quirky options if you’re feeling adventurous. Nestled down below Newbury street, be sure you don’t miss the sign leading you downstairs to their original shop! Available online!

Pink Yotto

Just look for the bear-faced mannequins! No seriously. This shop caught my attention right away. Mainly because I caught myself uttering the words “I really like that blouse that bear is wearing”. All of their other stores are in trendy New York boroughs, so you know it’s on point. Available online!


Travel junkies, unite! I naturally gravitated to this store as soon as I saw the world “travel”. This shop is a nomad’s dream, with so many funky gifts and gadgets for the avid traveller. I am a sucker for those little areas in the drug store that have travel sized items, so this place was like nirvana for me. Available online!


Are you a runner? Boston has a HUGE running culture, with hundreds of people getting their sweat on next to the Charles River daily. Tracksmith has fantastic athletic clothing tailored to runners. They also host a running club, so if you love running and you’re sticking around for a few days, consider meeting up with them for one of their routes! My boyfriend bought a shirt from there and he loves the lightweight feel to it! Available online!

Bobbles and Lace

What a fun name. Bobbles and Lace. Just kind of makes you feel happy. I fell in love with their two piece sets and light, airy summer clothes. I can feel myself transitioning to a more minimalistic style, so I gravitated toward a lot of the neutral tones in this shop. Available online!

Harry Potter Store

Outside of Harry Potter Newbury Street Store

I’ll just leave this here for all the Harry Potter fans. My brother is sliightly obsessed with Harry Potter, so I had to check it out on his behalf. This store basically carries everything and anything Harry Potter. I’m pretty sure they even had Harry Potter toilet paper. HP TP if you will (honestly, why am I like this?!). Great for Christmas gifts for any fans out there!

Mid-Shopping Snacks

Emack and Bolio’s Smoothie

Emack and Bolio's Ice Cream and Smoothies sign with bananas

Voted Best Smoothie in Boston on multiple occasions, this little shop is famous around town. They have locations all over Boston now, but I love the character of this particular store.  Grab a smoothie to recharge so you are ready to take on more Newbury Street stores, one shopping bag at a time!

Gelato Amorino

Gelato Amorino Ice cream with brick background

Home of the rose shaped gelato, complete with a macaroon on top! Pick your size and they will put as many flavors on the cone as possible! The fig and honey flavor was surprisingly my favorite after being recommended by the staff.

Places to Eat on Newbury Street

Saltie Girl

Bar at Saltie Girl Boston

Trying to hit all the Newbury Street stores can be tiresome. Stop here for some chowder and a few glasses of wine half way through or at the end of your shopping journey. I LOVE the decor in the restaurant, and the bartenders are very knowledgeable and eager to help make your trip to Boston one of the best. Check out my post on 3 Days in Boston, as I feature it there as well.


The place to see and be seen. Good enough for the likes of Tom Brady, Sonsie is a Newbury Street staple. Complete with an impeccable wine list and a great menu, the food is almost as good as the atmosphere. If you are staying nearby, freshen up and head to Sonsie for some wine, food and delicious aprés dinner cocktails! Who knows, you might even run into a Patriot or two.

Shopping time!

Newbury Street Store mannequin

I hope this gives you some inspiration to check out a few Newbury Street stores. Step away from the big box stores that you’re used to. You will find some great pieces to take home with you that have a story behind them! It’s such a beautiful street to explore, so it’s worth a walk regardless! Go get your Carrie Bradshaw on (although I don’t recommend walking the street in Manolo Blahnik’s…)

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