5 Things to Do Before You Publish a Blog Post

November 21, 2017

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Who knew writing a SINGLE blog post could be so time consuming? Simply writing a well thought out, articulate post just doesn’t cut it anymore. In a saturated market where everyone and their dog (literally) has a blog, how do you make sure people are seeing your content? How do you format it so that it is easy to read for those shortened 2017 attention spans? And how do you make sure everything loads properly and doesn’t slow down your site?

I got you, boo

Here are 5 things you MUST do before you publish a blog post

1. Edit, edit, edit

While we all know content is king, simply pumping out articles left right and centre so that you have something new to add to your site, albeit tempting, is NOT the way to go.

As with sweaters and boyfriends, it’s all about quality over quantity.

(Wish I’d known this at 21..)

Write your post, and edit it at least THREE times before you hit send. I like to write notes down by hand, then transfer it to my Mac Pages, and then edit it again in WordPress. Looking at the first and last draft is extremely eye-opening.

Someone seeing my first drafts would be as embarrassing as them getting a hold of my internet search history or the 89 selfies I took drunk in the bathroom that one time.

Kidding. It wasn’t just the one time.

Anyways! Take the time to make sure that what you are publishing is the BEST version of that content.

2. Format the Content

As I mentioned, we are evolving to have the attention span similar to that of a kindergarten that just saw something shiny float behind his school crush’s hair. If your content is simply 5 long paragraphs ala English 9, people are going to skip over it.

Before you publish a blog post, make sure you include:

  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • BlockQuotes
  • Bulleted Lists where possible (case and point, right here)
  • Images (see Number 3)
  • Bolded and Centered sentences similar to the “I got you, boo” above
  • Linebreaks

3. TinyPNG Your Images & Add Alt Tags

Use TinyPNG to Make Photos Smaller for Blog

Newsflash, adding images to your posts can slow down your site like gangbusters. Thankfully, Tinypng is there to solve all your problems. Once you have your images you want to include in your post, go to Tinypng and tinify them.

Download the images after they are tinified, and then upload them to your WordPress site. Don’t forget to upload the downloaded, tinified version, and not the original!

Don’t forget Alt Tags!!

Once you have them uploaded on WordPress, don’t forget to add Alt tags for that SEO magic! Make sure to include keywords that your audience would search for. For example, for this post I might type “things to do before publishing a blog post” for an image.

4. Add Multiple Pin Graphics

Repeat after me, Pinterest is your BFF. “Pinterest is my BFF.” If you aren’t using Pinterest strategically, chances are you are missing out on a wholleee lotta traffic to your site.

Before you publish a blog post, make sure you add a pin graphic to the top or bottom of your post.

To add multiple pin graphics to your post, but only have one actually show up, use this handy code here:

<div style=display:none;><img src=”IMAGE LINK”></div>

All you have to do is:

  1. Upload your photo to your WordPress
  2. Copy the URL found in the media library
  3. Paste the URL where it says “Image Link” above
  4. Copy and past the div code to the text area of your post (beside Visual on the top right of your post)
  5. Once your post is published, use the Pinterest for Chrome plugin to pin your post and you’ll see allll of the lovely pin graphics you have created. Pin all three and see which one gets the best response!

5. Add a Call-to-Action at the Bottom

So, you publish a blog post, they read your content and have now fallen in love with you. You go girl. Now what? You should always include something at the end to seal the deal and make them a fan.

Ask them to sign up for your e-mail list, give them an opportunity to read more posts like the one they just finished reading, or ask them to visit one of your social channels like your Instagram or Facebook page.

Chances are after they read that one article they stumbled upon, they won’t come back to visit your page organically. You need to walk them through where to go next.

Like I’m about to do right now! 

Learn something? We got a good thing going!

To help you further, I created a cheatsheet that outlines the top questions you should ask yourself before creating content for your blog. These questions will ensure you are only creating meaningful, helpful content that will resonate with readers, and set you apart!

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We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. */

Sign-up to receive Your Free Content Strategy Questions Cheatsheet!

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Five Things to Do Before You Hit Publish on a Blog Post

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