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New Year's Resolution Ideas

While many debunk the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, arguing that anything you want to change in your life should be done no matter what time of year, I’ve always had a soft spot for that fresh start. I enjoy making simple New Year’s resolutions and sticking to them (or trying to … didn’t quite become fluent in Spanish this year…or should I say español este año *truth bomb: had to google that :(…*

For me, the holiday is a double-whammy because January 1st is my birthday. Talk about a lot of pressure to re-invent yourself. This year, I’m taking that pressure off and focusing on simple New Year’s Resolutions that can make a big difference. These are things you can implement in your day to day routine that will make life easier, more productive, more organized, and will contribute to the success of those bigger, loftier goals you want to set for yourself.

Read on for my 20 Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Day-to-Day life

Make Small Changes to Organization

  • Put your keys and wallet in the same place when you get home
    • This goes for your bags when you are out as well (purses, gym bags etc). Get in the habit of keeping these items in the same pocket.
    • Have a FOB for your apartment?  Avoid subconsciously shoving it in your pockets by always putting it in that one zippered area, or in the middle console of your car. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve pulled up the gate of my underground parking furiously checking every pocket and crevasse for my fob. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this??
  • In January, buy a big bulk assortment of greeting cards for a variety of occasions to have on hand when you are running late to a party. Birthdays, celebrations, thank you’s. Ever been in the back of a taxi trying to write someone’s birthday card on the way to dinner? Always ends up looking like a drunk 5 year old wrote it. Eliminate that with this little life hack.
  • Konmari Method your apartment or house.

Life Hacks to Implement:

  • Freeze your compost
    • This will allow you to keep the bag until it fills up without things starting to smell or leak
  • Leave 15 minutes earlier than normal for everything
    • For work, appointments, nights out with friends, everything! Chances are, if you’re like me, you set a time to leave and then end up rushing out the door at least 5 minutes later. By setting your leave time 15 minutes earlier, you give yourself a grace period for those eyeliner mishaps or “where the f*%k is my purse?!?” moments.
    • You might ask, well what am I going to do just waiting for everyone if I’m early? This is where another simple New Year’s resolution comes in handy! Think of something you’ve always wanted to do or learn. For example, I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, so I could use this time to open my Duolingo app and play around for a bit. You could also watch an inspirational Youtube video, read a few blog posts, swipe right a few times on Tinder, or even meditate in your car. 

Beauty Hacks for a Healthier Year

  • Use a hair mask once a week for healthy hair (I love OLAPLEX Hair Perfector No-3 Repairing Treatment)
  • Wear sunscreen everyday, even if you live in a cloudy, rainy city
  • Drink more water! I feel like everyone always tells themselves this but then never follows through.
    • Water is a basic need for survival, we NEED water. Yet, many people consider it an afterthought in their day-to-day. *drinks 2 cups of coffee and no water, 2pm hits, fetal position under desk sleeping*. Drinking more water will lead to a healthier immune system, less irritability, less food cravings, and more energy, which in turn can help you with those bigger new year’s resolutions. If you get bored, spice it up with lemon, mint, cucumber, or mint-flavored Chlorophyll. If you’re struggling, download a water intake app like Daily Water.

Save Money, Eat Well, Learn Stuff

  • Meal prep your meals on Sundays to avoid having no groceries or food in the fridge come Monday
    • This doesn’t need to be fancy. You can buy a ton of vegetables, cut them up, roast a batch and leave a batch raw. Cook up some quinoa and brown rice, and bam. You already have a few staples for weekday meals.
  • Get a library card
    • You will have access to a number of kindle and hardcopy books to dive into. CEO’s read 60 books a year. Increase your smarts and save money by not buying every single book you want to read.
  • Cut down on your beauty appointments 
    • Do you really need to get your nails done? Eyelashes? Paint your own nails and invest in a couple good sets of fake lashes are you’re good to go. Use the time you would have spent at the salon on more productive things like reading or learning a new skill.

Household Habits

  • Pick a day to do laundry when you will be home for a few hours so you can wash, dry, fold and put away laundry in one day versus leaving it hanging around the house.
    • This is one of mine this year. Might cut down on the amount of times I end up just falling asleep on a pile of clean clothes or pushing them onto my floor where they stay for days on days. 
  • Put together a weekly calendar of chores for things you only do on certain days (Example: Mop the floors on Tuesdays, wipe down bathroom counters and tidy Thursdays, subconsciously eat tub of ice cream on Wednesdays watching Modern Family etc.)

Help the Planet & Your Health

    • Eat less meat. Not only will this improve your health, but it will help the planet. Our planet is sick, and we as humans are the reason for it. We are killing off species, forestry, and our oceans at an alarmingly rapid pace. Do your research and help make a difference where you can.
    • Recycle. And I don’t just mean throwing your water bottles in the blue bin. Save up your soft plastics and recycle them, buy glass tupperware for lunches, ask for no straw when you are out to eat, and support restaurants that are doing their part for the environment.
    • Drink Magnesium at night for better sleeps. I drink Natural Vitality Calm, raspberry lemon flavor magnesium.
    • Bring digestive enzymes with you when you know you will be eating a heavy meal. I ain’t about that #bloatlife.


  • Leave at least one weeknight free to do nothing every week. No plans. No cooking. When the day comes, you can choose if you feel like going out, staying in, or cooking, but you are not obligated to do anything but sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix if that’s what you’re feelin’.
  • Get in the habit of saying “Let me get back to you” before saying Yes to anything, even if it’s something you will probably want to do. This gives you time to look at your calendar, think about the invitation, and either accept or decline on your own terms versus that people pleasin’ “I’ll be there!”
  • Cut down on  your social media as much as possible. Try to avoid social media after 7pm and before 10am. Download the Moment app if you want an eye-opening look into how often you are checking your phone.

I hope these simple New Year’s resolutions ideas have helped take the pressure off the feeling of needing to totally transform your life as soon as December 31st rolls around. I am a big believer in making small changes in order to make a big impact.

Your turn, what are your simple New Year’s resolutions this year??

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