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Build Your Brand

With saturated markets, an increase in digital nomads trying to make it as online entrepreneurs, and the number of users on social platforms tripling in the last few years, it can be hard to stand out. One of the best ways to establish yourself online is by being yourself. I almost wrote “simply” before “being yourself”, but deleted it because I know that this isn’t so “simple” for most of us. It can be hard to be vulnerable and be our true selves online. With these 6 tips (and free workbook!), it will be easier than ever to let your personality shine through.

Ready to stand out online? Read on for my 6 Tips on How to Add More Personality to Your Content to Build Your Brand & Connect with Readers

 Building a Brand

Get Clear on Your 5 Brand Pillars

Brand pillars are just that, the foundations of your brand. Ever notice how your favourite companies have an essence about them? You know an advertisement, image, or piece of copy is theirs before you see their name attached to it. There is a sense of familiarity, like you could curl up with a glass of wine and hang out with them for awhile. That’s careful, curated branding right there!  You should strive for this same recognition.

Create a Brand Avatar

If you don’t know what your own brand pillars are yet, take some time with a pen and paper and get really clear about who your audience is. You may have heard of a brand avatar before. If not, it’s basically an in-depth profile of your ideal customer that you create by thinking of your audience as one single person.

Ask yourself things like, what does he or she do for fun? How much money do they make? What music do they listen to? What’s their exercise/book/activity of choice?  What are their core values? And then ultimately, what is missing from their lives? What are they looking for, that you can help with.

For an in-depth guide to figuring our your Ideal Client Avatar, download the free E-book!
Click here for Ideal Client Avatar Workbook

Examples of Brand Pillars

Once you get really clear about this, extract a few themes you can weave through your content on a regular basis. Jenna Kutcher does this really well. If you look at her Instagram or website you will see Mac and Cheese, Margaritas, Her faith, Positive Body Image, Her Hubby, Her rescue Dogs, and her love for marketing and entrepreneurship. These are her brand pillars, and it allows her audience to really know her as if they are hanging out on the couch in sweats together.

Some examples of brand pillars could be: Luxury Travel, Plant Based lifestyles, Coffee, Motorcycles, a certain sports team, a love of old school Country Music, Animal Rights, Dirty Martinis, Brunch, Self-Development, Candles, Yoga, Photography, Watercolors, Poetry, the list is endless!

These are just some examples, and it’s important to pick things that resonate with who you are. The only way to truly connect with people to build your brand is to be yourself. Spend some time to get clear on these, and know that they can change with time! 

Pay attention to how you talk to your BFF’s

The way you talk to your best friends portrays who you are at your core. Chances are the ridiculous thoughts and sayings you share over happy hour with your girls will resonate with your audience too! Use your Notes app to write down any funny sayings, slang or movie references that come up. This will allow you to be more real and relatable, and can make you come off as less pretentious or “cold” to your audience.

“I feel like we would be great friends” is probably one of the best things your readers can say to you.

Use Relatable References from Pop Culture

Ever see a caption with a line from the TV show Friends and you immediately smile and nod because you know the exact episode it’s from? That builds connection!  This is the main reason memes are so popular. They invoke emotion, whether it’s laughter, nostalgia or a sense that someone understands them. Had a major crush on Seth Cohen during the O.C days? Grew up watching every episode of Seinfeld (twice)?! Mix in some references from your favorite movies, songs and TV shows to connect with your audience and further build your brand.


Read your Writing Out Loud

This may seem a little silly, but it works! Speaking your words out loud allows you to see if the sentence flows and whether it’s conversational or not. Does it sound like something you’d say to someone over coffee? If yes, great. If not, change anything that doesn’t sound like how you would talk to a real human being.

Format the Text for Easier Readability

Bold and centre punch lines. Write small paragraphs (max 3-4 sentences. Yes, forget everything your teacher taught you in English 11). Use the quote feature on WordPress to highlight text. A playful layout will allow you to draw attention to the content that sets you apart and with let your personality shine through. Example:

You do you, boo

Everyone skims content nowadays, so grab the readers attention where you can!

Don’t be afraid to get weird & speak your truth

There are so many quirky things about you that make you you. It may be uncomfortable to be vulnerable at first, but this is where true connection and community live. How many times have you seen someone put themselves out there and you felt like they were speaking right to you?! You can create that feeling for someone else by speaking your truth. In an industry with curated instagram feeds and perfect highlight reels, a little realness goes a long way! Tell your story. Chances are it’s someone elses too, and they’ve been waiting for you.

Remember, while injecting personality to build your brand means incorporating  pieces of yourself in your content, everything should always come back to your audience. Why does this matter to them? How does this help them? Whether it is to inspire, educate or invoke action, there should always be a takeaway for the audience.

Ready to put this into action? Download the Ideal Client Avatar Workbook below where I give you detailed questions to help you get clear about who your target audience is. Also included, prompts for you to figure out your client’s pain points, how you can help them, and what content to create based on all these answers!

Click here for Ideal Client Avatar Workbook

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